Conns Furniture Hours [Update in 2024]

Conn’s HomePlus in Houston operates from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM Monday through Saturday and from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Sundays, ensuring ample time for your shopping needs.

Whether you’re in the market for new appliances, furniture, electronics, or home office setups, Conn’s HomePlus offers a comprehensive selection tailored to enhance your living spaces. Specializing in high-quality, affordable products, the store is a go-to destination for those looking to make significant home improvements.

Visitors to Conn’s HomePlus can enjoy various amenities, including personalized customer service, financing options, and product demonstrations to ensure satisfaction with their purchases. The spacious showroom layouts make browsing the extensive range of products, from state-of-the-art kitchen appliances to luxurious bedroom sets and cutting-edge home entertainment systems, easy.

Conn’s HomePlus serves the greater Houston area with multiple locations, each strategically situated to cater to a broad customer base. You can find Conn’s HomePlus in various parts of the city, ensuring that a store is likely within reach regardless of where you are in Houston.

Here is a table of the weekly operating hours for Conn’s HomePlus in Houston:

Day of the weekOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday10:00 AM9:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM9:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM9:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM9:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM9:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM9:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM8:00 PM

Plan your visit according to these times to make the most of your shopping experience at Conn’s HomePlus.

Store Location and Hours

Before you head out, you must check the specific operating hours of the Conn’s HomePlus store you plan to visit in Houston. Each location has tailored hours to serve the community best, guaranteeing you don’t miss out on finding the perfect piece of furniture, the latest electronics, or essential appliances.

Conn’s HomePlus has strategically placed its stores across Houston, making it convenient for you to stop by no matter where you’re located. While planning your visit, you’ll want to utilize the various financing options. Whether you’re eyeing a new sofa or a fridge, Conn’s offers tailored financing plans that make your purchase more accessible in your wallet. Don’t forget to look out for promotions that could offer significant savings.

Safety is paramount, so you’ll notice enhanced safety measures during your visit. Staff wearing masks and adherence to social distancing protocols are just some steps taken to safeguard you and the employees. This commitment ensures a safe, comfortable shopping environment, allowing you to browse freely.

Available Products

In addition, Conn’s offers a wide range of furniture options, including bedroom sets, living room pieces, sofas, and sleepers. Whether revamping your entire home or updating a room, Conn’s has something to match every style and budget. From sleek modern designs to cozy traditional looks, you will find the perfect pieces to complement your living spaces.

Here’s a glance at some of the furniture types and brands you’ll find at Conn’s:

Furniture TypeBrands AvailableStyle Options
Bedroom SetsSamsung, LGModern, Traditional
Living Room FurnitureSony, BoseContemporary, Rustic
SofasFrigidaire, SamsungCozy, Sleek
SleepersLG, BoseVersatile, Durable

These selections enhance the aesthetics of your home and provide comfort and functionality. You’re getting lasting quality with brands like Frigidaire, Samsung, LG, Sony, and Bose. Additionally, Conn’s offers flexible financing options, making acquiring these stylish, high-quality furnishings easier without breaking the bank. So, don’t hesitate to explore the variety and find your ideal setup at Conn’s.

Delivery and Installation Services

Conn’s provides convenient delivery and installation services to guarantee your purchases are set up perfectly in your home. When you buy from Conn’s, you’re not just getting a product but also the assurance of a professional delivery team that ensures everything arrives safely and on time.

You can schedule delivery and installation at the point of purchase or even afterward, adding a layer of flexibility and convenience to your shopping experience.

Serving a 75-mile radius around each store, Conn’s ensures that your new appliances, furniture, and electronics aren’t only delivered but also expertly installed. Whether you need a fridge set up or a home theater system that requires careful handling, they’ve got you covered.

Delivery fees are transparent and vary depending on distance and item type, ensuring no surprises.

Enjoy a seamless delivery and hassle-free experience as every detail is handled carefully. Conn’s commitment to convenience means you won’t have to lift a finger — from the heavy lifting to the technical setup. This service is designed to make your life easier, allowing you to enjoy your new purchases without the stress of installation.

Credit and Financing Options

Conn’s offers a variety of tailored financing options for its products, including appliances, electronics, furniture, and mattresses. Furniture financing is available to help you manage the cost of new furnishings, making it easier to budget for the pieces you love without breaking the bank. You can prequalify for credit and enjoy low payments tailored to your financial situation.

With Conn’s, you can take advantage of promotions like no interest if paid in full within 24 months on select purchases. That means you won’t be charged any interest if you pay off your purchase within the specified period. This offer can apply to anything from luxurious bedroom sets to high-tech living room electronics. Minimum monthly payments are required, but these are calculated to make repayment doable within your budget.

Moreover, Conn’s provides equal monthly payments required on many deals, ensuring that you can spread the cost of your purchase evenly over time. This makes more significant investments, such as a new sofa or a state-of-the-art gaming bundle, more accessible and manageable.

Nearby Conn’s HomePlus Locations

Houston boasts 10 Conn’s HomePlus stores for your home improvement needs, each offering an extensive range of furniture, appliances, electronics, and mattresses. These nearby locations cater diligently to make your shopping experience as convenient as possible. Whether upgrading your living room with stylish household furniture or needing a new gadget, these Houston stores have got you covered.

Here’s what makes these locations stand out:

  1. Delivery Services: All stores offer thorough delivery and appliance installation within a 75-mile radius, ensuring your purchases arrive safely and are set up correctly.
  2. Financing Options: Don’t let budget constraints hold you back. You can furnish your home now and pay later with tailored financing plans, making large purchases more manageable.
  3. In-Store Consultations: Benefit from the expertise of knowledgeable staff during in-store consultations. They’ll guide you through the latest promotions and discounts, help you compare electronics products, or assist you in selecting the perfect mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Conn’s Check Credit?

Yes, Conn’s does check your credit as part of their approval process for financing options. This affects your credit score, interest rates, and payment terms based on your credit history and application procedure.

Does Conn’s Homeplus Sell Furniture?

Yes, Conn’s HomePlus sells furniture, offering a vast selection of various styles, room sets, and material types. They provide assembly services, delivery options, and warranty coverage, all tailored with competitive pricing strategies.

Is Conn’s Still in Business?

Conn’s is still thriving, with numerous store locations and a solid market presence despite retail challenges and industry competition. Their business model focuses on expansion and enhancing their online presence.

What Is Conn’s Customer Service Number?

You can reach Conn’s customer service at [contact number] for issue resolution, product inquiries, or account updates. During service hours, they’ll assist with warranty questions, payment methods, and delivery schedules.


Ready to revamp your home with stylish furniture or upgrade your appliances? Head to your nearest Conn’s HomePlus in Houston. Each store boasts convenient hours tailored just for you, making shopping a breeze.

With many financing options, your dream home setup is more achievable than ever. Don’t wait. Check the store hours, swing by, and see how easy and exciting upgrading your space can be!

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