Babcock Furniture Store Hours in 2024

When planning your visit to a Badcock Home Furniture store in South America, it’s crucial to note that opening times can start as early as 9 AM, and closing times can extend up to 9 PM, depending on the location and day.

Badcock stores offer a wide range of products, including furniture for your living room, bedroom, and dining room, home appliances, and electronics. Specializing in high-quality, affordable furnishings, they provide everything from plush sofas and sturdy bed frames to the latest washing machines and smart TVs.

Visitors to Badcock Home Furniture stores can enjoy a friendly shopping environment with experienced staff available to assist with product selection and financing options. Ample parking, easy accessibility, and a kid-friendly atmosphere make shopping convenient for families.

Badcock Home Furniture has multiple locations throughout South Florida, each designed to serve the local community effectively. Whether you’re in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach, there’s likely a store near you.

Below is a table of typical opening and closing hours for Badcock Home Furniture stores, which might vary during holidays or special events:

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday9:00 AM8:00 PM
Tuesday9:00 AM8:00 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM8:00 PM
Thursday9:00 AM9:00 PM
Friday9:00 AM9:00 PM
Saturday9:00 AM9:00 PM
Sunday11:00 AM7:00 PM

Remember to check the specific hours for the store you plan to visit,, as they vary, especially during the holiday season.

Typical Store Operating Hours

Badcock Home Furniture & more generally opens from Monday to Saturday during standard business hours. If you’re planning a visit, these days are your best bet to explore their wide selection of furniture and home accessories.

However, store hours can vary depending on the location, particularly in diverse markets like South Florida, where the community’s needs and schedules can influence operating hours.

In South Florida, for instance, you might find that some Badcock stores extend their hours into early morning or late evening, catering to those who mightn’t be available during regular hours. This flexibility guarantees you can shop at a time that suits you best without squeezing it into a busy weekday schedule.

Additionally, many Badcock Home Furniture stores are open on Sundays, providing extended hours for your convenience. This is particularly handy if the weekdays are packed with work or other commitments.

To avoid surprises, it’s a good idea to inquire ahead or check online for the specific store hours at your nearest location. This way, you can confirm your visit is as smooth and productive as possible.

Whether it’s a weekday or a weekend, Badcock makes shopping for home essentials straightforward and accommodating.

Holiday Hours Variations

During the holiday season, Badcock Furniture stores’ hours may vary, so it’s wise to check ahead before planning your visit. Each store might adjust its schedule to accommodate the holiday shopping seasons, especially during critical dates like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. Since these variations can majorly impact your shopping plans, staying informed is essential.

For accurate information on holiday hours, the official website of Badcock Furniture is your go-to resource. Here, you can find the most current updates tailored for the holiday period.

Alternatively, contacting the store directly can provide personalized answers and ensure no surprises when you arrive.

Planning Your Store Visit

Before heading out to a Badcock store, verifying the specific hours for your intended location is wise. You can quickly check these store hours by visiting their official website or contacting the store directly. This step guarantees you won’t face any unexpected closures, especially during holidays or special events when hours vary.

Planning your visit involves more than just jotting down the hours. Consider the timing of your shopping trip. By visiting during non-peak hours, you’ll likely avoid the crowds, making your experience more comfortable and efficient. Some locations offer extended hours on weekends, giving you more flexibility to shop at your convenience without rushing.

Additionally, confirming these details before you leave home is a good idea. A quick phone call can save you the inconvenience of arriving at a closed store. This is particularly important if you’re planning a significant purchase or need detailed advice from the staff.

Online Shopping Options

While verifying store hours is essential, you can also explore and purchase Badcock’s furniture selection conveniently through their online shopping platform. offers a user-friendly interface where you can browse and buy various furniture pieces and home accessories right from home. This service is especially useful if you prefer not to stop by the store or want to make quick purchases.

When you shop online at Badcock, you’re accessing a seamless electronic shopping experience. You can enroll in eStatements, which allows you to stop receiving paper statements and instead receive an electronic statement directly to your inbox. This not only simplifies managing your purchases but also supports environmental sustainability.

Reviewing the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy on Badcock’s website to understand your rights and obligations when shopping online is essential. These documents are registered trademarks and form the legal basis for your purchase and data protection.

Customer Service Availability

You can access Badcock Home Furniture & More’s customer service during regular store hours for assistance with inquiries, purchases, and support. However, each store’s business hours may differ, so it’s important to verify the times at your local store. This guarantees you don’t miss out on the help you need.

Badcock Home makes it easy to connect with a customer service representative. You have a variety of contact options, whether you prefer a phone call, sending an email, or seeking in-person assistance at one of their store locations. This flexibility lets you choose the best method for your schedule and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Credit Score Do You Need for Badcock Furniture?

Badcock Furniture doesn’t specify a credit score requirement. Your approval odds depend on multiple factors, including financial history. Explore their financing options and payment plans to align with your financial situation and credit profile.

Who Owns Badcock Home Furniture and More?

Badcock Home Furniture & More is owned by the Badcock Corporation, a family-run entity that’s expanded considerably since its founding in 1904, maintaining a solid market presence with over 340 stores in the Southeast.

Does Badcock Have a Layaway?

Yes, Badcock does offer layaway. You can reserve items with an initial deposit, enjoying flexible payment options over 90 days. Check in-store or online for specific layaway policies and product availability details.

How Much Was Badcock Furniture Sold For?

Badcock Furniture was sold for $850 million, a significant transaction reflecting its solid market share and financial health. This sale boosted its industry standing and facilitated further retail expansion and growth strategies.


Before you head out to Badcock Home Furniture, here’s a fun fact: about 75% of furniture shoppers prefer to visit stores on weekends.

So, consider a weekday visit if you want to avoid the crowd.

Always check the specific hours for your local store, especially during holidays.

Don’t forget, you can also shop online anytime and get support from their customer service.

Plan smart, and you’ll make the most of your shopping experience!

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